Welcome to the ​Parent ​Negotiation ​Course for ​Children!

An innovative and interactive program ​designed to help children communicate ​effectively with their parents and get ​their voices heard.


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  • Are you tired of having trouble communicating with your ​parents?
  • Do you feel like your thoughts and feelings are not being ​taken seriously?
  • Are you looking for a way to express yourself creatively and ​get your point across?
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Look no ​further!

Our course is designed specifically for ​children like you who want to learn how ​to effectively communicate with their ​parents and get their voices heard. We ​understand that it can be challenging to ​express yourself to your parents and get ​them to understand your thoughts and ​feelings.

That's why we created this course to teach you ​the skills you need to succeed.

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Meet Bri & KJ

With their experience and expertise, Bri and KJ have created a ​fun, interactive, and engaging course that will help children ​develop the skills they need to be effective negotiators with their ​parents. They believe that every child deserves to be heard, and ​they are dedicated to helping kids get their voices heard and ​achieve their goals.

Bri and KJ are excited to share their knowledge and expertise ​with children around the world, and they can't wait to help you ​become a confident and effective negotiator with your parents.

Bri is 16 years old and KJ is 12 years old, and they are ​siblings who have a passion for helping children like ​themselves communicate effectively with their parents.

Bri and KJ bring a unique perspective to the course as ​siblings who have experienced the challenges of ​communicating with their parents and getting their voices ​heard. They understand what it's like to be in the shoes of ​the kids, and they want to help other kids succeed. That's ​why they created the Parent Negotiation Course.

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Here's what you'll ​learn:

How to be effective in ​your communication ​with your parents

How to create visual ​presentations to ​support your cases

How to collaborate with ​your siblings to get your ​voices heard

How to express to your ​parents the importance of ​being able to hang with ​friends and make lasting ​memories

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As a bonus, you'll receive editable ​presentation templates and a ​worksheet guide to help you put ​your newfound skills into action. ​These tools will help you create ​visually appealing and effective ​presentations that will grab your ​parent's attention and help you get ​your point across.


Our course is designed to be fun, interactive and engaging. You'll ​work through real-life scenarios, role-play exercises, and hands-​on activities that will help you build your negotiation skills and ​confidence.

By the end of the course,

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Parents Relaxing at Home with Their Teen and Young Adult Kids

You'll have the skills and confidence ​you need to communicate ​effectively with your parents and get ​your voices heard.

You'll be able to express yourself ​creatively and get your parents to ​understand your thoughts and ​feelings.

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Don't miss this opportunity to ​learn how to be an effective ​negotiator and get your ​parents to listen to you! Enroll ​in the Parent Negotiation ​Course for Children today!